After Hours Emergency Blocked Drain Plumbing In Monterey

The Blocked Drain Problem

We are plumbers in the  St.George area. A customer located in Monterey, Sydney, called around 5.45pm on a Saturday. Customer advised me that the sewer was blocked as they were experiencing:

  • gurgling sounds from the toilet and floor drain,
  • the water level in the toilet began to rise after flushing and would take a long time to slowly go back down,
  • after using the shower in the main bathroom water would come up through the floor drain confirming there was a serious problem within the drainage system.

So I got ready and hopped in the van.

Fixing The Drain Blocked Drain

The first step was to locate the inspection opening and inspecting the line with our Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera.

We located the blockage and found the pipe was severely impacted with tree roots. This is an image of the sewer line before the cleaning process showing the tree roots.

Tree roots blocking a drain as seen via CCTV

After sending the jet blaster down the line first with a small penetrating head and second with a large root cutting head attached, I was confident the line was clear.

We checked that by sending the CCTV down the line once more. These images are of the same section of sewer line after the cleaning process.

CCTV Pictures of cleared drain on Monterey NSW

The high-pressure water jet is a very effective way of cleaning out any blocked drain whether it be a sewer line or a stormwater line. In conjunction with the CCTV camera this is the most effective way of ensuring the job is done properly.

J Dalton Plumbing covers all aspects of the plumbing industry including clearing blocked drains and CCTV camera work.