Fixing A Blocked Stormwater Drain, Downpipes And Guttering

This is an example of a job carried out in Peakhurst after the recent heavy rain we were experiencing.  One of my long-term customers gave me a call as her guttering was overflowing quite badly and causing flooding in her garden.

With the use of the high-pressure water jet, we can scour the pipes clean removing all sand, dirt settlement, leaves and even tree roots. In combination with the CCTV camera were able to diagnose and rectify any problem without a drama.

As our high-pressure water jet is trailer-mounted we can easily fit into any tight area such as a driveway, carport or even your back garden. 

Clearing The System

We work from bottom to top. Starting at the connection to the curb and gutter or stormwater easement cleaning our way through the stormwater system until we finally reach the top of the downpipe at your roofline. Removing all leaves and debris is the best way to ensure the System will operate to Its maximum capacity. this image is an example of how the tree roots can grow into your stormwater line gradually filling up the pipe until eventually it’s completely blocked


So if you’re experiencing overflow from your guttering and downpipes don’t wait till it’s too late. Feel free to give us a call.  We specialise in clearing blockages.