Installing A Stormwater Inlet Pit In Wattle Grove

This was a small job I was called to in Wattle Grove. In this case, the customer was having trouble with the small courtyard flooding during periods of heavy rain.

So I went over to the property to do a free inspection and quote and immediately could see the cause of a problem.

As originally installed, it’s a perfect example of how not to install a stormwater pit:

  • It finishes above ground level
  • There is no outlet to the stormwater drain

This pit has two agricultural drains going into it but there is nowhere for the water to drain to.

Stormwater Pit Set Too High
2 drains into the stormwater pit

As I give upfront prices, the customer reviewed and approved my quote and I was able to get to work fixing the problem.

As you can see from this set of pictures, the work involved excavating the pit and finding the nearby stormwater pipe and connecting it to the stormwater pipe and re-installing the pit correctly. As you can see from the pictures the pit now finishes slightly below ground level.

Connecting the pit to the stormwater
Replacing the soil with the connections in place

After finishing the job and re-laying all the brick pavers it was time for a final cleanup to leave the job looking smart for the customer.

The stromwater drain connected properly and set correctly

Job done