Blocked Drains In Coffs Harbour

Blocked drains are no fun. Besides being frustrating and time-consuming, they are also unsanitary. When plunging gets you nowhere or drain cleaner does little to move sluggish drains, it is time to call a licensed drain plumber.

Storm water could be backing up, or there could be other plumbing issues happening.

What Is Blocking My Drains?

There are several reasons why drains become blocked:

  • Build up of debris
  • Tree roots
  • Full sewage tank
  • Inadequate sewer lines

Any of these problems can lead to needing the assistance of plumbing experts that have the right equipment to repair the problem.

Any of these problems can lead to needing the assistance of plumbing experts that have the right equipment to repair the problem.

However, what happens before reaching this point is your responsibility. Slow drains can indicate that a clog is starting to build.

Instead of clearing the pipe with plunging and drain cleaners, you are merely shifting the debris around. Sooner or later the debris can become packed tight, and a backup occurs.

Tree roots are notorious for finding a way into drain pipes. They thrive on the supply of water and snowball. Inadequate sewer lines are usually a problem in older homes. Metal piping does not have smooth sides for debris to slide through. After years of use, corrosion builds and catches dirt as it travels through the pipe. If your pipe is sitting at an even angle, this can further keep the stream of water and debris from moving to the sewage system.

How Can a Licensed Plumber Help?

Professional licensed plumbers have the education and the tools to discover the problem and to provide a long-term solution.

  • Pinpoint the problem
  • Make recommendations
  • Have the right equipment and tools
  • Provide permanent solution

The number of plugged drains can give a professional plumber an idea of where the obstacle lies. For instance, if there is only one drain that is clogged, the line running from the sink or toilet may just be blocked. If a line is running uphill or set even, there is not enough gravity to force the water through.

Plumbers often use CCTV camera inspection to determine where and what is blocking a drain pipe. The CCTV gives them a good idea of where the problem lies. Whether grease build up or tree roots, the next step can be planned. Electric eel plumbing can then be used to clear the drain pipe. Pipes can run the entire length of a house and by having the correct equipment, only removing specified pipes can make the job more direct and less costly. Sometimes high-pressure water jets will solve the problem. Other times tree roots may be invading your pipes. A professional plumber will be able to spot the exact problem quickly.

Hire A Quality, Local Owner-Operated Business

We are an excellent choice for getting to the root of blocked drain problem quickly. Serving the greater Coffs area from Woolgoolga in the north to Nana Glen to Urunga in the south, we provide personalised service which is backed by 14 years experience.

Unlike other companies that send technicians from their call centre, we are an owner operated business.

This is great for you because:

  1. You will always know who you will be dealing with to fix the problems - the business owner!
  2. We depend on our local reputation for our growth. This means we will do our level best to make you a happy client so you will call us again when you have a plumbing problem.
  3. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

For blocked drains in the Coffs Harbour area that offer long term solutions, call James from J Dalton Plumbing on 0423 859 686