Got A Plumbing Emergency?

You are not alone! Most families don't think about their plumbing until it is too late and they need an emergency plumber. They rarely will call for a plumber until all hope is gone. These are significant emergencies when your husband says, "I'll go find an emergency plumber near me on my phone."

It is always at the worst time that a plumbing emergency strikes. It’s a lousy time because your plumbing system is probably loaded up more than usual – for example when you have guests using everything all at once. A high volume of usage exposes the cracks in the system. These cracks are always there insidiously leaking into your basement, growing mould, and rotting out wood. It only takes a little additional stress to break the camel's back.

On these occasions, families experience burst pipes, leaking taps, blocked drains, gas leaks, and hot water system failures. And because it is a holiday, and no one is around, they may be forced to pay quadruple costs for priority at the holiday rate to any plumber who is open 7 days a week.

So, where do you find a local plumber to solve a plumbing problem when it happens? The best service to call is J Dalton Plumbing. When you call on J Dalton Plumbing, you can rely on over 16+ years of professional experience in the trade and 24-hour plumber services. Our plumbing company can work day or night to provide you with emergency plumbing services if necessary

State-of-the-Art Technology

A lot of times, a plumbing problem is due to a clog or a leak of somewhere. However, the problem may happen again if you do not fix the root cause. If your drains keep backing up, you will likely have them back up next time you flush a lot of paper down the toilet. Your water drainage can also get backed up from something as simple as running a dishwasher and clothes washer at the same time. There are a lot of homes that have plumbing problems because the plumbing was only able to handle basic needs.

Only addressing the problems and not the cause is why you need to find a plumber who employs the latest in thermal imaging, high-pressure water cleaning systems, and CCTV fibre-optic cables to look inside your plumbing. This is the only way to be sure that the problem will not happen again.

Problems With Plumbing

When it comes to plumbing, you will find that copper pipes in your home can develop pin-hole sized leaks over time. The holes are just the natural breakdown of the solder in the joints. These leaks can start small enough and may not seem to be a big problem. However, because water is weird, it will glide along the outside of the pipes and travel into the walls.

Many homes have water problems and small leaks in the plumbing that are raising their water bills and putting their properties at risk of mould and other water damage. Studies show that most water damage is caused by leaky pipes in the basement or under the house. The mould and mildew can grow in dust, clothing, or inside walls. For this reason, you should test the humidity in your basement and be sure that it is not higher than 50 per cent during any season. If it is higher than 50 per cent, you may have leaks.

If you don't have copper pipes, you likely have steel pipes. Steel pipes are often screwed together with Teflon tape to seal the joints or another type of sealant. A steel pipe can appear to be fine outwardly and have mountains of scaling and corrosion on the inside of the line. Eventually, when enough pressure builds up, it can burst.

If you do not have your plumbing checked often, then you can suffer from some serious problems, not just with bursting and leaking pipes but also with dirty water if your drinking water flows through rusted out old pipes. You should also be careful if those pipes contain lead as many older homes do.

How to Prepare For a Plumbing Emergency

You can prepare for a plumbing emergency by knowing where your main water shut-off valve is located. The shut-off valve is the first place you should run if you see water leaking or flooding the home. If you don't fix the leak fast, you may have to pay thousands in repairs to water-damaged walls, ceilings, and furniture.

Sump pump failures are another common reason for homes to suffer water damage. You should always have an extra sump pump to replace the one that is installed. Also, listen for any strange noises from the pump that may be a sign that it is wearing out or clogged. The only other step you can take is keeping the number of a good emergency plumbing service on hand to solve the problems when the threat of flooding has passed.

Hire A Quality, Local Owner-Operated Business

We are an excellent choice for solving your emergency plumbing problem quickly in the local area. Serving the greater Coffs Harbour area from Woolgoolga in the north to Nana Glen to Urunga in the south,we can get to you quickly. And we provide a personalised 24 hours, 7 day service backed by 14 years experience.

Unlike other companies that send technicians from their call centre, we are an owner operated business. This is great for you because:

  1. You will always know who you will be dealing with to fix the problems - the business owner!
  2. We depend on our local reputation for our growth. This means we will do our level best to make you a happy client so you will call us again when you have a plumbing problem.
  3. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

For emergency plumbing that offers a long term fix, call James from J Dalton Plumbing on 0423 859 686.