If you are experiencing problems with your hot water system or you want a new one installed for you, we can help.

Hot Water Systems In Toormina And Coffs Harbour 

If your hot water system is malfunctioning due to various reasons, you may need to replace it. We can take a look and give you advice on the repair and replace options.

We all enjoy a hot shower, and it will be impossible if the hot water for your shower system has defects. We try and provide a cost-effective repair if possible.

However, if the shower system is beyond repair, we can help with that too you. We have your best interest at heart because we want to build a long term trusted relationship with you.

You may need to replace your hot water system if the cost of repairing it over the next few years is higher than the cost of a new installation. So, severe damages are irreparable, and it is only reasonable to replace them.

Deals With All Types Of Hot Water Systems

You don’t need to worry when your hot system is damaged. We are a Toormina based owner operated plumbing business.  So the plumber how comes to your home is also a 16-year experienced plumber who cares about his business, and it’s reputation.  You won’t be seeing a just graduated apprentice assigned by a call centre somewhere.

James is a hot water plumbing expert who has skills and expertise in handling all types of hot water systems including Rinnai, Rheem, Dux, Therman, Everhot and many others. If you have gas, electric, heat pump or solar hot water, you will get proper plumbing help.

Prompt And 24-hour Hot Water Plumbing Services

Despite the time of the day or night, you will receive plumbing service at your doorstep – 24/7 if you need it. We ensure that clients get a response to their requests as soon as possible. No delays and you will get sorted as soon as you make that call.  

We prioritise your water heater repairs. As a local based in Toormina, our response time is very convenient and will not keep you stranded for long.

Advisory Services About Hot Water Systems

Not all water heating systems will suit your family or household. We can help you make the right choice when selecting a hot water system to install. There are various water heating systems in the market which include:

  • A conventional gas or electric water heater system - It has a hot water tank which offers a ready supply of water. It is very economical to use and very efficient.
  • Continuous flow gas water heater system - It heats water directly and does not require a tank for storage.
  • Solar water heater systems - Relies on direct sunlight to make the water hot.

Also, there are other factors you need to think about when choosing a water heater system:

  • Type of fuel that the water heater uses - a water heater will either use solar, gas or electricity to function.
  • Home or business use - if it is for home purposes it will require less energy. However, if it is for business use, you need to invest in a hot water system that is more efficient.
  • Operating costs - it is essential to consider the annual or monthly costs you are bound to incur. Is it a reasonable or exaggerated expense? 

Ensure you invest in something that you can afford to maintain and buy. If you have a system in place, but it is failing, consider whether to repair or replace the system.

Environment-friendly Heaters

You may want a heater that is environment-friendly and friendly to your family. Also, ensure that the heater installed in your home is energy efficient-it does not consume too much power. It is essential to make sure you can regulate the temperatures of the heater for efficiency in use.


Our labour and products are warranted. Each hot water system comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. It ensures that quality is guaranteed. In case of any malfunction within the warrantied time, you can get free replacement and services.

Regular Maintenance

If you want your hot water systems to last longer, make sure you maintain it. That’s why we give you the best tips to make your system last longer.

Hire A Quality, Local Owner-Operated Business

We are an excellent choice for your hot water plumbing solutions and emergencies. Serving the greater Coffs Harbour area from Woolgoolga in the north to Nana Glen to Urunga in the south, we can get to you quickly so you are not stranded without hot water. And we provide personalised service which is backed by 16+ years experience.

Unlike other companies that send technicians from their call centre, we are an owner operated business. You get the benefit of this as:

  1. You will always know who you will be dealing with to fix the problems - the business owner!
  2. James from J Dalton Plumbing is fully qualified and fully licensed to carry out any plumbing services.
  3. We depend on our local reputation for our growth. This means we will do our level best to make you a happy client so you will call us again when you have a plumbing problem.
  4. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

Call today for the best hot water installations and repairs that will leave you smiling.