Blocked Toilet Plumber In Toormina

One of the most common problems that many homeowners will face is a clogged toilet. The first line of defence is always pulling out the trusty plunger and attempting to clear the toilet blockage free yourself. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

When it doesn't work, you need to call a plumber experienced in dealing with blocked toilets. One who has the tools and training in toilet plumbing to recognise the problem and, if possible, prevent it from happening again.

In any case, our emergency plumbing service is here to help you. We are committed to full-service maintenance and prevention. J Dalton has years of experience working on clogged toilets, storm drains, and hot water systems. We are on call 24 hours a day to fix the problems.

Common Causes of a Clogged Toilet

In most cases, a toilet can get backed up because the design of the pipes that it is fitted too are too narrow. The toilet bowl itself also may be a model that is more restrictive and prone to backing up than others. When you use excessive toilet paper, all at once, the toilet will not be able to soften and flush out the paper in one big lump.

The result is a toilet that is plugged up. If it is plugged up deep enough, it may be difficult to free the blockage with a regular plunger. A snake may be needed to unblock the pipes and allow the water to break down and soften any materials jammed up tightly.

In a lot of cases, youngsters are responsible for the backed up toilets. They may flush toys down the toilet, paper towels, napkins, or other sanitary wipes with fibres that are too strong to break up and dissolve in water. It is a good idea to teach young children the consequences of flushing things down the toilet. You may even decide to install a hidden camera if you suspect foul play.

In some cases, there is a problem with the drainage of the system at the main drain that connects to the sewer. A drain blockage can back the whole system up. If that is the case, you may have to call in drain specialists who can use a drain camera to explore the system. It may be tree roots blocking the sewer pipe flow or debris that has accumulated there and corroded into place.

What Can You Do Before Your Plumber Arrives?

If your toilet is overflowing relentlessly, you may have to take some emergency steps to stop the water from ruining your home. Overflow water can seep into the floors and even cause an entire bathroom to come crashing down if it is not built correctly.

The first step that you can take is taking the lid off the toilet. In an emergency, the mechanism to stop the water in the tank from draining into the toilet bowl should be adjusted to prevent any recurrent overflow. The toilet often goes into a state of constant flow because homeowners or their children will keep pulling on the lever when the material won't flush down.

When this happens, the metal or plastic lever inside can get stuck and cause the rubber diaphragm that stops the flow of water to jam. When the mechanism jams or just doesn't seat properly, the water will continue to flow.

So, if you find yourself in such an emergency, the best thing to do is turn off the isolation valve. Normally you will find this to the left or right of the toilet bowl. unchain the linkage and seal the rubber diaphragm by hand as soon as possible. 

If this is impossible because the mechanism is broken, then you can do nothing more than shut off the main water pipe. The shut off is usually located near the street. You should always keep a note of where your main water valve is located and have the know-how of how to close it in the case of an emergency.

Don't Wait

Don't wait until that close call becomes a tragic case of water damage. Water that overflows from a toilet is generally called black water. It can be hazardous to human health and contains microbes and bacteria that are associated with sickness and disease.

There are different levels of water toxicity. Grey water would be anything that is not contaminated with human waste but still considered brackish because you would not drink from it. This can be overflow from a sink, shower, or stream.

Don't let grey and black water ruin your home.

Where Do You Turn When You Need Emergency Plumbing Services?

The best way to get a full diagnostic of your pipes is by hiring a specialist who has years of experience like J Dalton Plumbing. James, the owner operator has over 16 years of experience serving plumbing customers including Toormina and Coffs home owners with the latest state-of-the-art technology. He will use thermal imaging, CCTV fibre-optic cable snakes, and high-pressure water cleanup systems to solve your blocked toilet plumbing problems at any hour of the day or night.

Hire A Quality, Local Owner-Operated Business

Unlike some other companies that send technicians from their call centre, we are an owner operated business. This is great for you because:

  1. You will always know who you will be dealing with to fix the problems - the business owner!
  2. We depend on our local reputation for our growth. This means we will do our level best to make you a happy client so you will call us again when you have a plumbing problem.
  3. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

For blocked toilet plumbing in the greater Coffs Harbour area, call James from J Dalton Plumbing on 0423 859 686.