Clearing A Blocked Drain In Bexley

This was a typical blocked drain in the Bexley area where a large tree was growing into the sewer line.  I used the our high-pressure water jet to clear the blockage and then scour the pipe clean cutting off all tree roots.Read moreClearing A Blocked Drain In Bexley

Moving A Water Meter In Bexley – Liquid Nitrogen In Action

A Moved Non-Compliant Water Meter

Water Meter Did Not Comply With Australian Standard.

This particular job was located in Bexley where one of my clients was issued with a notice from Sydney Water to have their water meter moved to comply with current Australian Standards.

The standards require the meter to be at least 300 mm above ground level with access for the meter reader. This is how we deal with the complication of stopping the live flow of water from the mains into the meter.

Normally, for other plumbing jobs, you can just turn off the water to the house. But this job requires cutting and work done before the meter and tap.

Read moreMoving A Water Meter In Bexley – Liquid Nitrogen In Action