Unblocking A Sewer Drain In Sans Souci

The J Dalton Plumbing van set up for drain clearing

Recently on a late Monday afternoon we got a call from a new customer in Sans Souci. The client told us that the sewer line serving the back granny flat was blocked and full to the brim. In this case the toilet was backed up and sinks were not draining.  As this kind of job is …

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A Water Heater Replacement In Peakhurst

Rusty old water heater being replaced

Is your hot water not heating up properly and getting worse by the day? Plumbing help is at hand. The Hidden Water Heater Problem Situations like this are common in homes throughout the St. George area.  In this case, the homeowner in Peakhurst noticed that the hot water was no longer heating up properly, and …

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Blocked Sewer Reconstruction In Peakhurst

Tree roots in earth

Our customer was having regular problems with tree roots growing into the sewer line causing blockages in the old earthenware sewer line.It’s possible to manage this by running a drain clearing nozzle down the pipe each year to prevent blockages. In this case the customer decided the best option was to fix the problem for …

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Bathroom Plumbing In Bexley, Sydney

Garage wall

This job is a perfect example of how we can help turn a previously non-habitable area into a fully functioning living space with our bathroom plumbing services.One of our long-term customers in Bexley, Sydney wanted our help to turn their garage into a self-contained living space with its own kitchen and bathroom. Read more

Water Meter Relocation In Peakhurst, Sydney


This is a fine example of one of the many services we provide. Our customer wanted to get a new concrete driveway installed. The problem they had was that the water meter was in the area where the new driveway was going to be laid.They asked us to move it one meter to the right.Read more