Moving A Water Meter In Bexley – Liquid Nitrogen In Action

A Moved Non-Compliant Water Meter

Water Meter Did Not Comply With Australian Standard.

This particular job was located in Bexley where one of my clients was issued with a notice from Sydney Water to have their water meter moved to comply with current Australian Standards.

The standards require the meter to be at least 300 mm above ground level with access for the meter reader. This is how we deal with the complication of stopping the live flow of water from the mains into the meter.

Normally, for other plumbing jobs, you can just turn off the water to the house. But this job requires cutting and work done before the meter and tap.

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Installing A Stormwater Inlet Pit In Wattle Grove

A repaired stormwater pit in Wattle Grove

This was a small job I was called to in Wattle Grove. In this case, the customer was having trouble with the small courtyard flooding during periods of heavy rain.

So I went over to the property to do a free inspection and quote and immediately could see the cause of a problem.

As originally installed, it’s a perfect example of how not to install a stormwater pit:

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Keyhole Surgery On A Bath Waste Area Through A Concrete Slab

This job in Carlton came about Because the owner of the garage below this particular unit noticed a slow leak dripping onto their car.

The Strata manager asked me to check it out. I conducted a few simple tests to identify the source of the leak. In this case, a simple hydrostatic die test was all that was needed to confirm the bath waste and union was the cause of the problem.

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How Drinking Water Gets To And From Your Home

“I can’t believe there is so much traffic.” said the apprentice staring out of the widescreen of the work truck. I from the driver’s seat nodded in agreement. He was right – a column of cars stretched out in front of us into the distance.

It had been a long day starting with an excavation to replace a fractured water service in Cronulla, then it was off to Sylvania to install a new water heater at a private address.

Although I had been pleased with the outcome of both of these jobs and our customers were satisfied, I was feeling weary. The temperature had been an energy-sapping 43 degrees for most of the day and even now in the late afternoon it still hovered around 30 degrees, so all I wanted to do was get home have a nice cold drink and a shower. Looking back out at the traffic I bet each of those commuters’ had similar thoughts and intentions on their minds.

Fresh Drinking Water – A Little Miracle of Daily Life image7

It’s funny to think that Sydney, the city I choose to live in is ranked the 31st largest in the world with a population of 4.9 million residents, and that number is growing annually and yet to survive iconic city with its beautiful harbour, stunning beaches, and world-famous bridge, each and every one of us need on a daily basis a basic equipment of life.

I’m sure you’ve guessed it fresh drinking water, and a way of getting it to our houses and then safely disposing of it as waste.

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