How Drinking Water Gets To And From Your Home

“I can’t believe there is so much traffic.” said the apprentice staring out of the widescreen of the work truck. I from the driver’s seat nodded in agreement. He was right – a column of cars stretched out in front of us into the distance.

It had been a long day starting with an excavation to replace a fractured water service in Cronulla, then it was off to Sylvania to install a new water heater at a private address.

Although I had been pleased with the outcome of both of these jobs and our customers were satisfied, I was feeling weary. The temperature had been an energy-sapping 43 degrees for most of the day and even now in the late afternoon it still hovered around 30 degrees, so all I wanted to do was get home have a nice cold drink and a shower. Looking back out at the traffic I bet each of those commuters’ had similar thoughts and intentions on their minds.

Fresh Drinking Water – A Little Miracle of Daily Life image7

It’s funny to think that Sydney, the city I choose to live in is ranked the 31st largest in the world with a population of 4.9 million residents, and that number is growing annually and yet to survive iconic city with its beautiful harbour, stunning beaches, and world-famous bridge, each and every one of us need on a daily basis a basic equipment of life.

I’m sure you’ve guessed it fresh drinking water, and a way of getting it to our houses and then safely disposing of it as waste.

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