Water Meter Relocation

This is a fine example of one of the many services we provide. 

Our customer wanted to get a new concrete driveway installed. The problem they had was that the water meter was in the area where the new driveway was going to be laid.

They asked us to move it one meter to the right.


Freezing The Incoming Pipe

Moving a water meter is not as easy as just turning off the water to the house and doing the work. In this case, we had to freeze the incoming water supply with liquid nitrogen to allow us to cut the live side of the meter and move the pipework to its new location. 

Freezing the pipe

Once we froze the incoming water supply and confirmed it was stable,  we were able to cut the copper pipe supplying water to the home and move the meter to its new location. 

We completed the job the day after the quote was approved. Our customer very happy with the fast turnaround time. 

This is just one of the services we can provide. Feel free to call James on 0423 859 686 to get a free quote or book in your job.