Stormwater Drainage Clearing In Boambee Coffs Harbour

A Green And Slimy Gutter

This job started when I was contacted by an existing customer located in Boambee East.  

She was experiencing issues where her curb and the gutter stormwater connection was constantly discharging water . This had caused the curb and gutter to become green and slimy over time. Initially, the client thought this could be due to a burst pipe somewhere on the property.

We were up for the challenge as we love tackling jobs like this. Here are the steps we took to fix the drain blockage.


Step 1: Pressure Test

After conducting pressure testing throughout the property, I could confirm the issue was not due to a burst pipe. It was likely due to a drainage/stormwater issue on the property. 

Step 2: CCTV

After using the high-pressure water jet in conjunction with the CCTV camera, I could see that the stormwater line serving the property was completely blocked and in poor condition, causing water to back up into the garden area.

 Step 3: Locate The Position Of The Blockage

The next stage of this job was to locate the exact position of the defective stormwater pipe within the grassed area. I was able to do this by using an electronic locating device in conjunction with the CCTV camera. 

We started with a small excavation to confirm our suspicions and to see the extent of the damaged pipe. As you can see from the images above and below, the line has been crushed. Probably at the time of construction.

The crushing of the pipe enables the build-up of tree roots, as you can see above. These roots completely blocked the normal flow in the line and led to a backing up of water and the constant flow of water to the curb.

Step 4: Cut Out And Replace Defective Pipe

After cutting out and removing the defective crushed and leaking section of the pipe, we could install a nice new section of 90mm PVC piping.

Step 5: Testing and Restoring The Turf

After testing thoroughly, the only thing left to do was to restore the area to its former state. This included backfilling the excavation, compacting the wet clay, and replacing the grass turf.

This is just one example of the wide range of plumbing repairs we carry out on a daily basis. 

Please feel free to contact us for any of your plumbing concerns.