Blocked Drain – Removing Tree Roots

The dreaded tree root blockage.

This is a perfect example of a common tree root blockage in a sewer line.

I received a call late on Tuesday night from a brand new client in the local areas. She needed a plumber for the next day as they had a blocked sewer line.

The backed-up sewer line created all the usual symptoms; gurgling drains, slow draining sink, toilet slow to go down.

We provided a fixed price quote and booked the job. When comparing prices from plumbers, you need to be careful what the price you are given is. Just be sure you are not comparing a fixed price for the job with an hourly rate for the first hour.


After arriving at the property, I quickly identified the blockage location and got to work.

CCTV image showing tree roots at the 2.6m level in the earthen -ware pipe

CCTV image showing more tree roots at the 2.4m level in the sewer pipe

The photo taken from the CCTV camera shows the sewer line is affected by tree roots. The tree roots have caused the earthenware pipe to crack. 2.6 m downstream from the inspection opening.

We cleared the blockage. Then we checked the sewer line with the CCTV camera to be sure it was removed entirely.

Hoses and hose reel with safety cone at the drain entry

Preparing to clear the drain of tree root blockages

Tree roots often grow back and reblock the sewer line. We provided the client with several options;
  1. A maintenance program to clean out the tree roots once a year. Therefore maintaining the problem without digging up the sewer line.
  2. Dig up the affected section of the sewer line and replace it with a new section of 100mm PVC. This would eliminate the problem and offer a permanent solution with a 10 year warranty.
  3. My least favourite option which was to have the sewer line relined.

My new customer was very with the work. She even went so far as to leave this outstanding review on my Google listing.

"Called James late at night as I had an emergency with blocked pipes and toilet overflowing. He came early the next day and fixed the problem. He used a high power water jet and camera. He was very thorough, making sure that the blockage had cleared. He offered a few suggestions on how to overcome the problem. Even though I was in desperate need of a plumber he was very reasonably priced and much cheaper than my usual plumber that I have been loyal to and will never use again. I have already booked James in for further work and will recommend him to all my colleagues. Very happy!!!!!"

There's no need to stress when you use the best. Contact us if you have a blocked drain problem in the Coffs Harbour area