Leaking Sewer Stack Replacement In Strata Apartments

4 Photos of Replacing a rusted out sewer stack pipe in a strata unit in Carlton NSW

As well as domestic/residential jobs, we also undertake real estate and strata work. This is an example of a recent strata job undertaken.The strata manager contacted me to let me know that the sewer stack was leaking in one of the garages. The leak was dripping onto one of the resident’s cars. The strata manager …

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Keyhole Surgery On A Bath Waste Area Through A Concrete Slab

This job came about because the owner of the garage below this particular unit noticed a slow leak dripping onto their car.

The Strata manager asked me to check it out. I conducted a few simple tests to identify the source of the leak. In this case, a simple hydrostatic die test was all that was needed to confirm that the bath waste pipe and union was the cause of the problem.

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