Drain Unblocking After Recurring Drain Blockages

At J Dalton Plumbing, we can undertake all aspects of plumbing, drainage and gasfitting work and fix the dodgy repairs done by your previous plumber!


We carried out this particular job for a property owner who was experiencing recurring drain blockages, which were becoming increasingly frequent. A large volume of tree roots infiltrating a specific drainage section was the cause of the regular backups. 

Tree roots removed from a blocked drain

With the use of the high-pressure water jet and CCTV camera, we can remove all tree roots from any section of drainage and in some cases, we can recommend repairing the sewer line itself to prevent recurring issues.

In this particular case, the issue was not just tree roots growing into the sewer line. 

Non-compliant drain joint

A non-compliant joint installed by the previous plumber caused the earth to wash away

There was a non-compliant joint installed by the previous plumber, also causing the sewer line to leak and wash away the surrounding earth from the sewer pipe.

The joint installation then caused the sewer line to drop from its intended positioncausing it to break.

Fortunately for this property owner, they had enlisted our services We love this kind of work, and it’s no problem for us to resolve these issues!

The plumbing joint repaired and done properly.