Local Bathroom Plumbing

This job is a perfect example of how we can help turn a previously non-habitable area into a fully functioning living space with our bathroom plumbing services.

One of our long-term customers wanted our help to turn their garage into a self-contained living space with its own kitchen and bathroom. 


There were several benefits of this garage rennovation:

  • It created easy access to a bathroom on the ground floor. This helped family members who may not have the mobility to climb stairs.
  • Adding value to the home by creating an extra bathroom on the ground floor.
form work and plumbing for bathroom conversion

As you can see from this picture we started off by installing the infrastructure to allow a brand new bathroom and kitchen to be installed at a later date.

Here are a few images of the end result the job worked out extremely well with no issues.

Feel free to give us a call and book in your free quote. 

toilet installed in Bexley garage conversion
Shower installed in Bexley bathroom plumbing service
Hand basin installed as part or our bathroom plumbing service