A Water Heater Replacement

Is your hot water not heating up properly and getting worse by the day? Plumbing help is at hand.

The Hidden Water Heater Problem

Situations like this are common in homes throughout the Coffs Harbour area.  In this case, the homeowner noticed that the hot water was no longer heating up properly, and the heating was becoming less effective as the days went by.

The client contacted us, and we were able to book the job and come out and visit them the next day.

We tested the hot water system and found that the thermostat wasn’t working anymore. Usually, this is a pretty simple job to fix – we just replace the thermostat.

We also noticed that the water heater was over 18 years old. Water heaters of this type typically have an expected lifespan of around ten years so it seemed likely that there would be other problems just over the horizon.

Instead of just doing the job, we presented the client with quotes for  two options;

  1. Just replace the thermostat and hope the water heater would last a few more years.
  2. Replace the whole water heater.

Out With The Old And In With The New

Given the age of the system, my client decided to replace the water heater to prevent issues down the track. That was a wise choice.

As you can see from this image, the hot water cylinder was badly rusted both inside and out and would not have lasted long.

Old water heater and replacement

Once the ceramic coating starts to come away from the inside of the cylinder and rust starts to form, it’s only a matter of time before this water heater would have ruptured leaving the homeowner with a leaking system and no hot water whatsoever.

In this case, we supplied and installed a new 315 litre Rheem water heater. We also took the old heater to an approved recycling plant.

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